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Ballet Basics for Kids: Inside a Typical Class Structure

Has your child shown signs of wanting to be a ballerina? Ballet is a great way to improve your child’s holistic development as it aims to improve your child’s confidence and discipline.

If you’re curious to know what goes on inside a ballet class, this article offers a glimpse into the structure, joy, and transformative experience of a typical ballet dance class for kids here in Singapore, tailor-made to inspire and nurture every child’s dance dream.

What is Ballet for Kids?

Ballet is more than a dance form; it's a language of its own, spoken through movement and emotion. At Dancepointe Academy, our ballet classes for kids are designed to introduce them to this beautiful form of expression, helping them to develop coordination, physical fitness, and mental resilience

Beyond the physical benefits, ballet teaches children about perseverance, attention to detail, and the joy of achievement. It provides a foundation upon which they can build on, not only in dance but in all aspects of their life.

How Long is a Typical Ballet Class?

The length of a ballet class can be as varied as the dance steps themselves, tailored to fit the age and developmental stage of each child. For the youngest beginner ballet dancers, aged 3 to 5, classes can be a delightful 45 minutes, designed to captivate their attention and introduce them to the joy of movement. 

As children grow, so does the duration of their classes, evolving into 60 to 90-minute sessions that provide an in-depth exploration of ballet technique and expression. This gradual progression ensures that each child receives the right mix of instruction and practice that is age-appropriate, fostering a continual love for ballet that grows even as they get older.

The Structure of a Typical Ballet Class

Let's pull back the curtain and explore what really goes on in a typical ballet class, laying out the steps and stages that make up this beautiful journey in dance.


In ballet classes for kids, the warm-up serves as the starting point, priming their bodies for the physical demands of dance. Through gentle exercises like stretching and basic ballet positions, students increase blood flow, enhance flexibility, and mentally prepare for the session ahead. This phase sets the tone for focused and productive learning.

Conditioning and Strength Training

Following the warm-up, the focus shifts to conditioning and strength training. This crucial segment targets the various muscle groups that are essential for students to perform ballet movements with precision and grace, such as the core and back. These exercises are designed to improve posture, alignment, and overall body strength, laying the foundation for their ballet journey both inside and outside the studio.

Barre Exercises

At the heart of ballet training lies the barre exercises. Here, students use the barre for support while practising fundamental techniques like pliés, tendus, and jetés. These exercises refine movements, enhance flexibility, and build strength systematically. With an emphasis on precision and control, barre work provides the essential building blocks for mastering ballet movements.

Centre Work

Transitioning from the support of the barre, students move to centre work, where they apply learned techniques without assistance. This phase challenges them to maintain balance and posture while performing sequences and steps. Centre work fosters spatial awareness, musicality, and the joy of dancing freely, as students combine movements into graceful sequences that tell stories through dance.

Cool Down

As the class draws to a close, the cool-down phase allows students to stretch and relax their muscles gently, preventing soreness and improving flexibility. Incorporating breathing exercises, this segment provides a moment for reflection, allowing students to acknowledge their achievements and depart feeling accomplished and inspired from their ballet journey.

Get Dance Classes in Singapore at Dancepointe Academy

At Dancepointe Academy, we're not just conducting dance classes in Singapore; we're igniting passions and nurturing dreams. We believe that every child has a unique talent, a special gift that awaits its moment to shine. Our mission is to provide an exceptional dance education platform, fostering both creativity and discipline in young dancers. 

Here, in our supportive community, we celebrate every child's journey, guiding them with expertise and love as they discover the joy of dance. Join us, and watch your child's confidence soar with every step they take.


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