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About Us

Since its establishment in 2005, Dancepointe Academy, Singapore's Premier Dance Academy, has been a cornerstone of dance education. From nurturing young learners aged 3 to guiding professionals like Certified Dance Teachers and Company Dancers, our academy has played a pivotal role in fostering aspiring dancers at every stage.

Initially specializing in Classical Ballet, Dancepointe Academy expanded its horizons by introducing several specialized faculties, enriching the educational experience for our students:

  • 5th Avenue School of Jazz & Street Dance

  • Dance Factory School of Kpop Dance

  • dACADEMY School of Contemporary Dance


Throughout its evolution, Dancepointe Academy has evolved into a leading dance institution in Singapore. Aligned with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and Commonwealth Society of Teachers’ Dancing (CSTD) syllabi, we provide comprehensive Classical Ballet classes through a progressive curriculum tailored for ages 3 and up to Professional levels as Performers or Dance Teachers. We also facilitate prestigious dance certifications like CSTD (Commonwealth), RSL (U.K) and Rambert Grades (U.K) for Jazz, Hip Hop, and Contemporary respectively, under our brand names 5th Avenue, Dance Factory, and dACADEMY.

Our inaugural studio opened at Taman Jurong Community Centre in 2005. Presently, Dancepointe Academy boasts 18 state-of-the-art studios scattered across Singapore, including Alexandra, Ang Mo Kio, Bidadari, Bishan, Buangkok, Bukit Panjang, Buona Vista, Farrer Park, Jurong, Pasir Ris, Punggol, Sengkang, Sembawang, Yio Chu Kang, Tampines, and Yishun. Conceived and designed by our Founder & Artistic Director, Ms Lena Foo, each studio features safe sprung floors and Harlequin dance mats, ensuring a secure and conducive learning environment for all dancers.

“ Dance as an Education”

Driven by the motto "Dance as an Education," our academy is committed to offering our students the pinnacle of dance education, encompassing not just dance proficiency but also discipline and holistic experiences. We aim for excellence by fostering experiential learning through International Dance Certifications, Dance Competitions, Theatre Performances, and Overseas Immersion programs.

Our Brand Names


Since its inception in 2005, Dancepointe™, an esteemed member of Dancepointe Academy under the visionary leadership of Ms. Lena Foo, has been a purveyor of exemplary dance education in Singapore. Our forte lies in Classical Ballet, where we provide comprehensive training guided by progressive curricula sanctioned by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and the Commonwealth Society of Teachers Dancing (CSTD Australia) syllabi. Tailored to individuals of all ages and skill levels, our ballet classes cater to aspiring dancers—from toddlers as young as 3 years old to professionals in the dance industry.

Beyond ballet, our curriculum extends to various dance genres, offering certifications in Jazz and Contemporary dance. Additionally, short-term programs within our other faculties expose students to diverse dance forms. Our teaching methodology and ardor have cultivated versatile and well-rounded dancers over time.

Consistently delivering top-tier dance instruction across all levels and programs, we pride ourselves on:

  • A robust ballet curriculum with enrichment in character and modern dance

  • Incorporating live piano accompaniment in selected ballet classes

  • Facilitating external dance examinations and certifications such as RAD and CSTD Australia

  • Engaging in community dance projects, including National Day celebrations and Chingay Parades.

  • Showcasing biennial school performances at esteemed theaters like Victoria Theatre and NUS University Cultural Centre Ho Bee Auditorium

  • Providing overseas immersion programs at prestigious institutions worldwide, including Seoul Universal Ballet Company (2023), 2016), Bangkok City Ballet (2022), Taiwan Kenny Wang School (2022), Osaka Ballet Academy(2019), London Contemporary (2013, Sydney Dance Company (2018, 2007), Milano City Ballet (2018), New Zealand School of Dance (2017), Liaoning Ballet Academy (2016), Beijing Dance Academy (2016), Barcelona Institute of The Arts (2015), Alvin Alley in New York City (2014), Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne (2013), Central Ballet School; London (2011), Jean Wong School of Ballet in Hong Kong (2008)

  • Offering summer school dance programs led by guest teachers from renowned dance institutions like RAD, ATODI, and Dance Tours International


Our students' diverse training in multiple dance styles has led them to excel in elite dance groups in esteemed institutions such as The School of The Arts (SOTA), Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Lasalle College of the Arts, National Junior College, Singapore Chinese Girls School, and Nanyang Girls High School through the MOE Direct School Admission (DSA) scheme.

Furthermore, our students have successfully secured placements in overseas universities, pursuing Degrees in Dance Education at prestigious institutions like Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary, Roehampton University, Central Ballet School, and Falmouth University.

Congratulations to the following Dancepointe students for their acheivements:

  1. Ms Kelly Ng;  2016 Graduate of Rhoehampton University; Dance Teacher at SOTA

  2. Ms Leane Lim; 2016 Graduate of Central Ballet; Company Dancer at Singapore Ballet Company

  3. Ms Sandra Leong; 2016 Graduate of NAFA; Dance Teacher at Dancepointe Academy

  4. Ms Ng Xian Cui; 2018 Graduate of Falmouth University; Dance Teacher at Dancepointe Academy and MOE schools

  5. Ms Ng Jun Xin; 2023 - 2026 Rambert School Ballet and Contemporary

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With the support of IE Singapore, Dancepointe™ expanded its horizons into the overseas market, specifically Shenyang in Liaoning Province, China, in late October 2013. Among seven other Singapore enrichment schools, we were part of the founding group, marking the inception of the first eight Singapore Enrichment Schools in the Liaoning Province. Collaborating with four other enrichment schools—Cristofori Music, Leap School House, Genius R Us, and Climb Asia — we established Kidz Education City (KEC), securing a 10,000 sqft space within the Star Mall.

Dancepointe™, the first foreign dance school offering the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD, UK) in Shenyang, attracted numerous children passionate about dance or already equipped with dance backgrounds. In 2015, we conducted the inaugural RAD examination in Shenyang.

The official ceremony held on August 28, 2013, was graced by Mr. Tan Chuan Jing, acting minister for the Ministry of Manpower.

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Dance Factory™, the premier K-Pop Performing Dance Academy, embodies the vision of "Dance as an Education. Transitioning into a specialized K-Pop School in 2017, we offer a diverse array of classes, including K-Pop Choreography and K-Pop Music Covers. With vibrant Korean music as our backdrop, our instructors curate exclusive routines, ensuring classes that are both engaging and addictive! These sessions cater perfectly to students aspiring to dance for pleasure and emulate their beloved idols.

In our commitment to nurturing our students' growth as dancers, we provide yearly platforms such as concerts, overseas immersion programs, public showcases, and dance competitions.

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dACADEMY™ , the School of Contemporary Dance with the shared vision of "Dance as an Education". Under the artistic leadership of Ms Leia Ang, an educator with a Masters of Dance Studies from University of Auckland, dACADEMY envisions dance as a humanistic medium and tool to be practised within a supportive community. It aims to encourage individual growth and inspire artistic expression.


dACADEMY™ classes are designed with the anatomical and somatic (mind-body movement practices) perspectives in mind, and facilitated to develop each person’s movement possibilities through the medium of contemporary dance.


5th Avenue™ , a vibrant school for Jazz and Street Dance, passionately upholds the ethos of "Dance as an Education." Led by our visionary Artistic Director, Mr. Kim Dong Hyoung (DK), a distinguished graduate from Sejong University with a Bachelor's Degree in Dance, 5th Avenue is dedicated to propelling a dance revolution, particularly within the hip-hop sphere in Singapore.

Our comprehensive curriculum offers a diverse array of courses, including TeachersAVE training, ChoreographyAVE, JazzFunkAVE, HipHopAVE, LyricalJazzAVE, and LyricalHipHopAVE, meticulously crafted to cater to both children and adults. Each course is an immersive journey aimed at cultivating technical finesse and fostering profound artistic expression, ensuring a well-rounded dance education experience.

At 5th Avenue™ , we champion unparalleled learning experiences. Students actively participate in a myriad of opportunities, from thrilling performances, Music Video shoots, and exhilarating competitions to assessments for globally recognized certification from Rock School London ; Performance Arts Awards (RSL; PAA). These platforms not only refine skills but also nurture adaptability and build unwavering confidence, empowering students to thrive in the dynamic world of dance

Our Dance Faculties

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Accredited Partners

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