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3 Signs Your Child Is Ready for Ballet School

Does your little one like dancing to music that plays on the TV or radio? Or have you found them dancing along to certain songs? Chances are that your child is showing an inclination to move rhythmically when they hear songs and fun beats.

This can be one of the many signs that your child will enjoy ballet classes.  If you’re wondering when the best time for them to start is, consider the following indicators that your child is ready to attend ballet classes for preschoolers.

  1. They enjoy dancing at home

  2. They are comfortable spending some time away from home (and parents)

  3. They can copy or repeat body movements and dance

1. They enjoy dancing at home

If you have witnessed your child dancing and grooving at home whenever you turn on the music, your child will likely be excited about their first ballet class. Do they like to move their body and clap along to the music? If so, your child is certainly ready for ballet classes. Even humming along to the music can be an indicator that they enjoy dancing.

In most cases, children who enjoy dancing tend to continue dancing as they grow. Some even end up becoming dancers. With that, you can send them our way so we can take their moves to the next level.

2. They are comfortable with some time away from home (and parents)

It is common for your child to have separation anxiety, especially if you have been present throughout their toddler phase. However, if your child has been to preschool, they will likely be comfortable with being away from home for their ballet classes.

You should discuss this with your child beforehand and understand how comfortable they are with attending ballet classes alone. While they may be apprehensive at first, with a little help, they will learn to be comfortable with spending time away from you.

3. They can copy or repeat body movements and dance

Auditory and visual learning don’t always develop at the same time. If your child has a difficult time following verbal instructions but is able to replicate simple movements easily, they will most probably be able to keep up with the pace of the class.

After all, they will develop muscle memory as they progress with each lesson, allowing them to execute dance moves like second nature. Such skills continue to develop as their classes progress, allowing them to rely on and utilise these skills aptly.

Still unsure if your child is ready for ballet classes? We’ve got you covered! At Dancepointe, every child will get the best out of each lesson under our guidance. 

If you are planning to enrol your child in a ballet class for preschoolers in Singapore, Dancepointe may just be the academy you are looking for. Contact us to learn more about the programmes, or you can sign your toddler up for a trial class!


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