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World Ballet Grand Prix 2022

A big congratulations to our World Ballet Grand Prix 2022 award winners, words can’t express how incredibly proud we are of the achievements!


Alexis Lee – Jury Encouragement

Charlotte Chiang – Bronze

Ethel Soh Rui Ci – Bronze

Ho Yong Shi Janelle – Bronze

Ignacia Tan Zi Yao – Jury Encouragement

Jovell Chia Qiao Xuan – Gold

Kate Chen Zhilin – Silver, Korea Online Scholarship

Marilynn Nathania Budiarto – Gold (Contemporary), Jury Encouragement (Classical Ballet)

Fang Yi Xin Mavis – Jury Encouragement

Phebe Pang Kai Xin – Jury Encouragement

Siaw Kai Xuan Kazenne – Silver, Korea WBGP Online Entry Fee

Yuna Tan Yi Xuan – Jury Encouragement


Ang Xin Ying Valerie – Participation Award

Charlene Quek Woo Nim – Grand Prix (Classical Ballet), Korean WBGP Entry Fee, 3 Weeks Tuition Fee at Joffrey Ballet, Silver (Contemporary)

Emma Yeo – Jury Encouragement

Kayla Joo Rui En – Bronze (Classical Ballet), Jury Encouragement (Contemporary)

Sara Koh Si Min – Participation Award

Lee Hao En – Silver

Vivienne Crystalynne Elle Lie – Jury Encouragement (Classical Ballet), Silver (Contemporary)

Wee Ting Xuan, Giselle – Participation Award

Xu Youjia – Participation Award

Tan Yi Zin Zoie – Silver (Contemporary)


Kayleen Lee Jingxuan – Participation Award

Nicole Loh Ziting – Participation Award (Classical Ballet), Jury Encouragement (Contemporary)

Olivia Cheng Qin Yi – Jury Encouragement, Japan WBGP Entry Fee

Leo Kay Yih Raphael – Grand Prix (Classical Ballet), Japan WBGP Entry Fee, 1 Year Tuition Fee at Joffrey Ballet

Joffrey Ballet, Gold (Contemporary), Masterpiece 2022 Entry


Chua Xin Ying Clarie – Gold (Classical Ballet), New York WBGP Entry Fee, Jury Encouragement (Contemporary)

Corrine Chiang Jia En – Participation Award

Goh Yun Xi – Jury Encouragement, Paris WBGP Entry Fee

Heelori Rawat – Jury Encouragement (Classical Ballet), Paris WBGP Entry Fee, 3 Weeks Tuition Fee at Joffrey Ballet, Gold (Contemporary), Masterpiece 2022 entry

Magdalene Ong Xi En – Bronze, New York WBGP Entry Fee

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