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TEAMdpa DPADC Online Competition

With the unfortunate cancellation of dance competitions across the globe due to the coronavirus, we have gladly organised our very own online video dance competition to give all TEAMdpa dancers a chance to shine and showcase their skills and talents that they have honed through sweat, tears and pride.

This competition serves as a platform for our TEAMdpa dancers to up-skill and gain new knowledge from our specially invited internationally experienced and prestigious judges.


DPADC is open to the following groups of dancers:

TEAMdpa additional Solo/Duo/Trio/Ensemble items

– Dancers will compete with the items they have been training for.

– Judge: Mr Roberto Altamuro

– Mr Roberto Altamura is the Founder and Artistic Director of Milano City Ballet and MilanoContemporary Ballet.


Live Judging Dates

- TEAMdpa additional Solo/Duo/Trio/Ensemble items: 2nd and 3rd September 2020

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