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TAC DPADC Online Competition

With the unfortunate cancellation of dance competitions across the globe due to the coronavirus, we have gladly organised our very own online video dance competition to give all TAC dancers a chance to shine and showcase their skills and talents that they have honed through sweat, tears and pride.

This competition serves as a platform for our TAC competitors to amaze and perform to their best abilities before judge Dr Park Jae Keun, founder of the Seoul Ballet Company. With his prestigious background, our dancers will be sure to up-skill and gain new knowledge for the coming years of their dance career.

The Apprentice Company (TAC) dancers

– Classical Variations: up to 2 per dancer.

– Judge: Dr Park Jae Keun

– Dr Park is the Founder of Seoul Ballet Company, President of Korea IBC and Artistic Director ofWorld Ballet Grand Prix.

Live Judging Dates

– TAC Classical Variations: 1st September 2020

Dance schools in Singapore

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