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Shenyang Beijing Dance Immersion 2024

Dancepointe Academy is excited to offer an extraordinary opportunity for The Apprentice Company Elite Ballet and Contemporary dancers aged 8 and older—a Dance Immersion Program in China, hosted in collaboration with the prestigious Liaoning Ballet Company, founded in 1980 and Beijing Dance Company.

This unique program leverages on Dancepointe Shenyang's close ties with Liaoning Ballet, both situated in the same province in China; Shenyang Liaoning, to offer an unparalleled cultural and educational experience to Singapore budding dancers.

Program Highlights:

  • World-Class Training: Participants will receive learning from one of the top ballet companies in the world, the Liaoning Ballet Company.

  • Cultural Immersion: This immersion allows dancers to experience the rich culture of China, learning in the authentic environment under the guidance of the esteemed Chinese Ballet Company dancers.

  • Performance Opportunity: The program culminates in a Performance at the Liaoning Ballet Theatre, where our dancers will perform alongside Liaoning’s pre-professional dancers, ages 9-15, in a professionally staged show within the Company's premise.

  • Cultural Excursions: The itinerary extended to Beijing, which includes visits to iconic Chinese cultural landmarks such as the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City in Beijing. These excursions will provide a deeper understanding of China's rich heritage and history.

  • Dance Education Experience: Our dancers will have the unique opportunity to observe classes of both the company and pre-professional young dancers at prestigious Liaoning Ballet, providing insight into the inner workings of a professional dance company. Additionally, the itinerary includes another visit to a premier dance institution in Beijing, further enriching our dancers' understanding of China's distinguished dance education system


This is a rare chance to train and perform in China, a country renowned for its strong dance culture and rigorous training standards. It’s an opportunity to not only elevate dance skills but also to gain invaluable international exposure and insights! Email for more information.

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