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2019 Osaka Dance Immersion

As an advocate of Dance Education, Dancepointe Academy firmly believes that learning as a whole can be way more efficient and valuable when it takes place beyond the classroom. Besides earning an opportunity to learn new things, students on an immersion programme will gain a broadened perspective by detaching from usual patterns, preconceptions and biasness in their learning. An immersion program would also allow students to have an increased cultural appreciation, strengthened leadership skill and a well boosted confidence. As such, these students would have gained an invaluable experience that they will carry with them for life.

During the 15th to 23rd December 2019, a group of passionate dancers embarked on an immersion program to Osaka Japan where they had a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn under the Osaka Ballet Academy. Osaka Ballet Academy is one of the only few ballet classrooms in Japan that has a permanent licensed teacher who has acquired the Vaganova Teaching Method. At the Academy, the students were classically trained in technique, performance and artistry. Besides classical ballet, they also did a great amount of character work where they were exposed to character terms and trainings that are seldom heard of in classrooms. Of course not forgetting variation class which was definitely one of the top favourites among the students!

During the immersion program, not only were the students given learning opportunities but the teachers too. Our teachers were fortunate to be trained by the skilled and renowned masters who definitely granted everyone an experience of a lifetime.

Our students and teachers have doubtlessly worked hard at the Academy and of course, they did not forget to have fun too! Some of the places of interest that the team visited were

KPOP Dance class in Singapore

  • Osaka Castle

  • Shinsekai

  • Umeda Tower

  • Wakayama

  • Fushimiri Inari Taisha Shrine

  • Arashimaya Bamboo Grove

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