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17th CSTD Asia Pacific Dance Competition in Bangkok 2015

Congratulations! Dancepointe Academy is proud to present the winners of the 17th CSTD Asia Pacific Dance Competition, Bangkok.

Well done to all who had participated! See our Facebook for more photos!

13th – 17th Aug 2015, Bangkok

Ensemble Open

dTEAM: 1st Position

Classical Solo under 12

Odelia Lee: 2nd Position

Trio/Duo Open

Jamie / Gertrude / Jean: 2nd Position

Duo Jazz Open

Rachel Toh / Mabel Yap: 2nd Position

Classical Group under 9

West Junior Apprentice: 3rd Position

Classical Solo under 12

Alyssa Tan: Honourable Mention

Contemp Solo under 18

Joanna Saw: Honourable Mention

National Solo under 18

Lee Yu Ting: Honourable Mention

Freestyle Solo under 7

Rapheal Leo: Honourable Mention

Yong Sook Ting: Honourable Mention

Dance Academy in Singapore

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