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15th CSTD Singapore Dance Competition 2013

Congratulations to:

1st Position for Classical Solo (Open) by Shan del Vecchio

1st Position for Pas de deux (Open) by Shan and Leane

2nd Position for Groups (9 and under) by Delynn Leong, Lilian Wang, Jodyn Chua, Syasmin Amira, Nelly Rie Erika, Ng See Yun, Sherlyn Chua, Chervil Low

3rd Position for Groups (Open) by Rachel, Mabel, Chyna, Angela, Anastasia, Wan Qing, Kassandra, Lilian, Fenny, Sandra, Valerie, Yi An, Xian Fei, Xian Cui, Recia, Phoebe, Jia Hui, Edlyn

3rd Position for National Solo (Open) by Kassandra

Honourable Mention for Lyrical Trio by Rachel, Mabel, Chyna

Honourable Mention for Neo Classical by Leane Lim

Honourable Mention for Classical Solo (9 and under) by Odelia Lee

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