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Amalia Foo Xuan Ling

Classical Ballet

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Royal Academy of Dance Advanced 1

TEAMdpa Competition Team Dancer

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Amalia's passion for dance began at the age of 7 when she started ballet under the guidance of Ms Foo. With a strong foundation in ballet, Amalia ventured into Contemporary Dance by auditioning for the Apprentice Team in 2018. The team has since clinched several awards in both Get the Beat (GTB) and the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD) competitions. Dancing in a group has taught her the extreme importance of teamwork, trust and friendships.

In order to challenge herself and improve her technique and artistry, Amalia joined The Apprentice Company (TAC) in 2022. Trained under Ms Lena Foo and Ms Lillian Ng, Amalia went on to compete in a classical solo, achieving the Gold Award at Masterpiece International Ballet Competition (MIBC) 2022 and Singapore Challenge Cup (SCC) 2022, along with a scholarship.

Currently, Amalia has completed the RAD syllabus till Advanced 1. She is currently also part of TAC and the Apprentice Team. In order to explore more genres of dance such as Latin dance, she has also joined NUSViva.

Amalia sees dance as a powerful tool for self-expression and aims to inspire her students with her passion. With a teaching philosophy that emphasises on self-expression over technical skill, Amalia is committed to helping her students find and tap into their unique strengths to shine.

Dancepointe Apprentice Teacher

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