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World Ballet Grand Prix Singapore 2022

At the 2017 UNESCO General Assembly of the International Federation of Ballet Competitions,  WORLD BALLET GRAND PRIX Competition Committee was formed with the aim of creating an educational festival contest based on a new educational program. With Park Jae Geun , Vice-President of the UNESCO International Federation Dance Competition and Asia Regional President as its chairman.

World Ballet Grand Prix stands for an educational competition, and provides scholarship benefits and training to young dancers at famous ballet schools in many countries through various multi-faceted evaluations such as artistic talents, skills, musical literacy, and expression skills including theatrical elements.

The campaign of the World Ballet Grand Prix began in Seoul, South Korea, followed by regional competitions in 13 regions including Busan, New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Ulaanbaatar, Manila, Rome, Madrid, Oslo, Moscow, and the finals in Moscow in 2019.

Through partnerships with the most famous ballet schools and ballet companies in the world, WORLD BALLET GRAND PRIX provides scholarship, new opportunities and assistance to talented dancers from the ballet around the world.

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