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CSTD CDWM Exam 2024

"Come Dance With Me" (CDWM) Programme & Assessment Level 1 and 2

Dancepointe's Creative Pre-School and Pre-Primary Foundation ballet courses extend over one year each, culminating in a *CSTD "Come Dance With Me" Assessment and Class Performance Day. The C.S.T.D. is an esteemed International Dance Society dedicated to serving the dance community since 1933. It proudly conducts examinations in various dance disciplines, ranging from Tinies to Teacher qualifications, across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

During this Assessment and Class Performance Day, children will showcase rehearsed exercises in a group setting before a CSTD examiner and their parents, held at Dancepointe Academy in a classroom setting. Each child will receive a special achievement disc for their bag and a CSTD Certificate of Completion, marking a memorable conclusion to their journey in Dancepointe's Creative Pre-school Ballet Programme.

Parents are cordially invited to witness the assessment, providing an opportunity to meet the examiner in person.

Anticipating an exciting CDWM Assessment and Performance Day in the upcoming March!

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