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Apprentice Team Audition 2023/24

Be part of TEAMdpa 2023/2024 to expand your potential in DANCE with our intensive trainings lead by award winning choreographers who have more than 10 years of competition experiences! Grace the stage with competition opportunities specially for TEAMdpa dancers.

TEAMdpa is a specially crafted talent development programme for the budding dancers. We aim to provide a conducive environment where talented young dancers can further develop their Dance Techniques and Stage Performance qualities in a TROUPE dance setting. This special training group will be given valuable stage experience and opportunities in both International & Singapore Dance Competition and Performance platforms, as well as Overseas Exchange. They will compete in a troupe setting up to 25 dancers.

There will be opportunities for outstanding students to be selected and trained for additional items such as Lyrical, Jazz, Demi-Character, National and Acrobatics Solo / Duo / Trio / Ensemble. Acrobatics are also introduced as part of the troupe training.

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