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Cedricia Tan Yun Ying

Classical Ballet

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Royal Academy of Dance Advanced Foundation

TEAMdpa Competition Team Dancer

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With a strong passion for ballet, Ms Cedricia Tan embarked on her ballet odyssey at the age of 5, under the renowned Johor Bahru Ballet Academy. Guided by passion and dedication, she traversed the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) exams, conquering Grades 1-8 and major level Intermediate, and now standing proudly at the Advanced 1 level.

In 2009 and 2011, Cedricia showcased her talent in the spotlight of charity concerts, “Beautiful Angels & The Seven Dwarfs” and “Danse le Re've - The Dream of Dance” in Malaysia, capturing hearts with her early grace and skill.

With strong dedication, Cedricia graced the stage in various productions, including a performance in “Cinderella” under Dancepointe in 2022. Her artistic journey expanded beyond classical ballet when she fearlessly embraced lyrical dance. Despite being a newcomer, she showcased her talent in competitions such as Get The Beat (GTB), Singapore Challenge Cup Dance Competition (SCCDC), Hong Kong Challenge Cup Dance Competition (HKCCDC), The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD) Regionals and Masterpiece International Ballet Competition (MIBC) as part of Dancepointe’s Senior Apprentice team since 2020.

In a bold move, Cedricia ventured into the world of Jazz, a dance form entirely new to her. Not only did she accept the challenge, but she triumphed, securing 1st place in the Jazz Open Age category at Get the Beat 2021. This achievement speaks volumes about her tenacity and innate ability to embrace new challenges with grace and skill.

Cedricia's commitment to nurturing the passion for ballet in young hearts reflects a deep belief in the transformative power of dance education. As her journey seamlessly transitions from the dance floor to teaching in the studio, she is excited to embark on this new role, embracing the responsibility of being a guiding force, igniting the flame of passion in every child who steps into her dance studio.

Dancepointe Apprentice Teacher

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