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Cindy Wu

Classical Ballet


The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)

RAD Vocational Graded - Advanced One for Ballet


Cindy Wu is an ballet teacher in Indonesia, her guts and talent of dancing was founded at the very young age. When she turned 5 year old , she really likes to express herself through ballet dance where she was once one of the improvement students at the RAD summerschool event in 2010 making Cindy even more obsessed with becoming a ballet teacher.

when she completed the Royal Academy Of Dance (RAD) intermediate level ballet exam and started to be a ballet teacher assistant for more than 3 years and became a full-time teacher for 5 years in teaching ballet at Princess Ballet School Medan Indonesia for all kinds of ages from toddlers to teenagers. and she completed RAD Vocational Class - Advanced 1 for Classical Ballet in 2016 under the guidance of Ms. Yenny Waty from Princess Ballet School, Medan Indonesia.


(2023) Joining Teacher Course IBDI GALA summer school by Mr. Runqiaodu

(2023)Teacher Observation on IBDI GALA summer school by Marlupi Academy on dance

(2023) Joining Inmotion dance house concert “Freemotion Vol 3” Contemporary Performance by Ms Eve - Dance of the heart and Sir Suhanjo - Is this the real life?

(2022) Silver, Virtual Ballet Competition Jaktutu by Student

(2022) Teacher Observation on IBDI GALA summer school by Marlupi Academy on dance

(2022) Joining Variation Summer Course, Classical Ballet and Contemporary with Ms. Mariska Febriyani ARAD, CSTD, AU and Michael Halim, Solo Seal Award from Marlupi Aance academy

(2014) 2nd Winner Skill and Talent Competition in STBA PIA College

(2013) 1st Winner Internal Ballet Competition in Medan

(2013) 1st Winner, Modern Dance Competition Held by Development Basketball League (DBL) Indonesia

(2010) Most Improve Student Award at Indonesia RAD Summer School.

Her contributions, achievements and experiences while in Indonesia are a reflection of her eagerness to expose herself to new challenges and her hunger for learning. As a teacher, Cindy hopes that she will be able to apply her knowledge and spread the passion for ballet among the new generation.

Cindy Wu

RAD Ballet Mistress

  • RAD Classical Ballet 

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