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Calista Wongso

Classical Ballet


The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)

RAD Vocational Graded - Advanced 2 for Classical Ballet


Ms Calista Wongso started learning her Classical Ballet at the age of four. She has been passionate in dancing since then. She has completed the Royal Academy of Dance Graded Syllabus in Classical Ballet as well as RAD Vocational Graded Syllabus - Advanced 2 with High Merits and Distinctions.

Her love for dancing has brought her to participate in many performances since young. In 2007, she was selected to play the little "Cinderella" with Aurora Ballet Centre. She was also given a chance to perform for International Music Festival in 2013. During her school year, she actively performed in school events in which she was entrusted to be the chief of committee to conduct several concerts. In her final year, she choreographed for her class final assignment and won the first place as Best Performance. During her training, she was exposed to different genres of dance such as Modern Dance, Lyrical, as well as Traditional Dance. 

As she found joy while dancing, she wanted to share this feeling to more people. Thus, she decided to be a ballet teacher. Prior to her journey at Dancepointe, she has amassed seven years of experience teaching ballet at Aurora Ballet Centre, Medan. She believes that dancing comes from the heart. To be a good dancer, one should first enjoy dancing. Through her patient personality and creativity, she endeavours to help nurture the interests in dancing especially for young learners.

Calista Wongso

RAD Ballet Mistress

  • RAD Classical Ballet 

  • CSTD Pre - School Ballet

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