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Tam Hong Le

Ballet Piano Accompanist

Mr Tam Hong Le was born and raised in Perak, Malaysia. He started his interest in music playing at relatively late age of 8, where he attempted to learn pieces through observing home conducted piano classes of his sister, which carried out by his eventual piano teacher Ms Lynette Yu. The strong interest leads to his official music training of Associated Board of Royal Music School (ABRSM) syllabus under Ms Lynette Yu, where he obtained his Grade 1 to Grade 7 Practical (Piano) and Theory examinations certificates with majority Distinction, and received Hedy King Robinson awards for Grade 6 and Grade 7 theory examinations alongside certificates of distinction. He was also invited to perform at ABRSM High Scorer Concert at 2011 for the excellent result obtained for Grade 8 practical examination. In the same year, he did ATCL recital study and ABRSM Grade 8 theory study with Mr Lau Youn Chong, and took ATCL recital examination the following year and awarded distinction with score of 91 out of 100.

Mr Tam Hong Le also enjoyed other different musical culture. He joined his secondary school, SMJK Nan Hwa’s Chinese Orchestra (NHCO) as pipa player and continued to perform under his university, Nanyang Technological University’s Chinese Orchestra (NTUCO) as various plucked strings instrument player. During his study in university he also joined People’s Association Youth Chinese Orchestra (PAYCO) occasionally as guest player. Besides musical education, he also holds a Bachelor Degree in Engineering (Materials Engineering) from NTU and was a recipient of CN Yang Scholars’ Programme scholarship.

Tam Hong Le

Ballet (RAD Syllabus)

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