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Grace Ang

Ballet Piano Accompanist

Grace Ang has been a music accompanist in Dancepointe Academy (the then Anchorvale branch in Dec 2010 to current YCK branch) for 7-years 8 month, as a part time ballet accompanist~out of passion, the love for the many inspiring ballet music,the chance to explore in improvisation skill, with the respectable graceful dance teachers whom we learnt from, the innocent cheerful children,and the positive working environment. With sight reading skill but zero knowledge on Ballet ,and little improvising skill then,to how much more easier she can now response to and play for the dance teachers’ instructions/ballet terms, exploring ways to breakthrough what yet to be improved further,the joy of learning journey continues with much gratitude.

With ATCL and LTCL teaching and performance certification, Grace has been giving private piano lessons for over 25years; Being blessed and with deep gratitude, she’ve been a volunteer/committee member, participating and learning greatly in SEIA ( ), with awareness that everyone plays an unique role (Mission) towards a better people and a sustainable earth;and for a couple of days weekly, she provides light music for diners enjoyment in ETL X Quantum Foodlab.

Striving for best continues.

Grace Ang

Ballet (RAD Syllabus)

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