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Audrey Chan

Ballet Piano Accompanist

Born in Malaysia, Audrey Chan Yi Qin started her piano journey with her mum as her mentoring teacher. She attained her FTCL certificate from Trinity London College at the age of 19 under Ms. Echo Tan. Apart from piano music education, Audrey pick up her second instrument – Guitar and is actively as instrumentalist in her secondary school SMK Taman Selesa Jaya accompanying in various school events.

As a soloist, Audrey made her first debut a solo recital in 2014. In 2015, she was offered Tuition Grant Deed by Singapore Ministry of Education and entering NAFA studying under the tutelage of Dr. Christina Tan, a renowned pianist and pedagogue in Singapore. As an aspiring musician, she also joined the NAFA chamber Chorus and performs in choir under the baton of Maestro Lim Yao.

Currently, Audrey serve as full time piano teaching and junior accompanist at Dancepointe Academy, Singapore. She is passionate in life, persistence and possesses motivation. Preserving an open-minded mind, she is willing to accept new challenge in life and experiments with new ideas especially when it comes to her training professional.

Audrey Chan

Ballet (RAD Syllabus)

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