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Shenyang – Beijing Dance Immersion 2016 – Part 2 (Beijing)

Besides the 30 awards at the 18th CSTD Regional Dance Competition, it was a fulfilling year for Competition and Performance TEAMdpa dancers immersing themselves in the China Dance Exchange at Liaoning Ballet of China and Beijing Dance Academy this year 12th – 20th June!

The greatest highlight and invaluable experience, was attending the 5 days’ dance classes (Ballet and Contemporary) at Liaoning Ballet of China in Shenyang. Liaoning Ballet is one of the Asia top dance schools who produces professional dancers yearly for international dance companies in China, Europe and Australia. Visiting Liaoning Ballet allowed us to witness a rigorous daily dance curriculum which balanced with academics, and this is something most of us have never experienced before in Singapore. The daily life of these full time students is routined to daily physical training such as jogging, skipping with a rope, minimum of 6 hours dance classes and lastly balanced with the essential academic subjects.

The cultural exchange we had with the Dancepointe Shenayang kids and other cultural activities such as visiting historical places like the Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Wang Fu Jing and watching the marvel Chinese Acrobatic show at Chaoyang Theatre, simply make this eye-opening experience an unforgettable one!

Take a glimpse of this China Immersion Montage specially put together by our own DPA Studios Production!

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