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Sammi Se Zi Ning

Classical Ballet


Royal Academy of Dance Certificate in Dance Teaching (CDT) Year 1

Royal Academy of Dance Advanced Foundation

TEAMdpa Competition Team Dancer


Ms. Sammi embarked on her journey into Classical ballet at the tender age of 3, under the tutelage of Ms. Lena Foo. Her passion for the art form ignited early on, and she has since achieved noteworthy milestones in her dance education. She has attained the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Graded syllabus in Classical ballet - Advanced Foundation, and is currently pursuing Advanced 1. Ms. Sammi is also in her first year of study to be a RAD-registered ballet mistress, where she is to complete the RAD Certificate in Dance Teaching.

In addition to her foundation in Classical ballet, Ms. Sammi has diversified her dance repertoire with exposure to other genres such as Chinese dance during her schooling years. Her participation in showcases and competitions, including the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) where she achieved Distinction, highlights her versatility and commitment to excellence.

As a dancer who seeks continual growth, Ms. Sammi pioneered the Apprentice Competition Team in 2014, where she was given the opportunity to compete in a multitude of local and international dance competitions. While Classical ballet formed the cornerstone of her dance foundation, it didn't deter her from exploring diverse dance genres, including lyrical, contemporary, and jazz. Currently part of the Senior Apprentice Team (SA), Ms. Sammi's dance journey continues to evolve under the guidance of Ms. Ng Xian Cui.

Since 2020, Ms. Sammi has extended her influence as an apprentice teacher, showcasing not only her prowess as a dancer but also her commitment to nurturing the next generation of aspiring dancers. This dual role reflects her dedication to contributing to the local dance scene, investing in, and shaping the future of dance for generations to come.

Sammi Se Zi Ning

RAD Ballet Mistress

  • RAD Classical Ballet 

  • CSTD Pre - School Ballet

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