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Oxana Korbovskaya

Classical Ballet, Jazz Dance


Degree in Dance Choreography: Russian University of Arts & Culture ; Samara City.

University of Arts and Culture with Distinction; College of Arts and Culture

CSTD Ballet & Jazz Teaching Member

Ballet (Vaganova Syllabus)

Ballet (CSTD Syllabus)

Jazz (CSTD Syllabus)

Character Dance

• Russian

• Belarusian

• Ukrainian

• Spanish


Mrs Oxana Korbovskaya started learning at the age of 6 with a dance troupe where she trained and performed regularly till the age of 17. Under the founder and guidance of Tomilina Olga,she was exposed to many different genre of dance and participated in numerous performances and competitions all over Russia. She was motivated to excel in her passion for dance and pursued further studies to fulfill her lifelong ambition to be a professional dancer and teacher.

After she has studied in the college of Arts and Culture for 4 years with a Distinction Diploma,she decide to enhance her skills further in the University of Arts & Culture in Samara which follows the Vaganova technique of dance.

She has 15 years of teaching experience in Russia prior to coming to Singapore. Over here she became a member of CSTD society and joined Stepping Out Dance Studio. Over 8 years,she was principally involving in preparing students for exams,competitions and performances. In addition,she helped students for SOTA admissions and also successfully prepared students from Rosyth Primary School for SYF competitions and Ballet exams.

With years of experience, Oxana has taught students of all abilities and is passionate about helping students reach their full potential.

Oxana Korbovskaya

Degree in Dance Choreography

RAD Ballet Mistress

  • RAD Classical Ballet 

  • CSTD Pre - School Ballet

  • CSTD Jazz

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